Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Room director Tommy Wiseau comes to DC this weekend (What a story, Mark!)

If you're in certain film circles, you have likely heard of The Room, a notoriously bad 2003 movie about a sordid love triangle. The Room is remarkably horrible, failing on both technical and creative levels. It's filled with flubbed transitions, rampant misogyny, ungrammatical dialogue, and characters that are recast halfway into the movie. It is an un-masterpiece, one of the truly worst works of the last decade and a Rocky Horror-style classic for cult audiences. Against all odds, The Room is enduringly popular, selling out midnight shows around the country with call-and-response audience participation.

In one of the most exciting DC film events so far this year, writer-director-star Tommy Wiseau and co-star Greg Sestero will host three screenings of The Room this weekend at E Street Cinema, complete with Q&A and autographed posters. Wiseau makes occasional appearances around the year, but it is rare that Sestero shows up as well. Tickets are likely to sell out in advance, so get them now while you can.

It's guaranteed to be a raucous evening, one that newcomers and veterans alike will enjoy. If you've never gone before, you might want to bring a box of plastic spoons with you.'ll figure out why.

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