Thursday, November 02, 2017

Silent Cinema Showcase 2017

AFI in Silver Spring is having their Silent Cinema Showcase, and it's a great lineup!

You can see the listing by film here:

And on the calendar here:

This calendar below was accurate as of 11/2, but be sure to check the live one because they update things sometimes.





















Wednesday, November 01, 2017

New Acquisitions: October 2017

Another month of DVDs we've added or renumbered. All these great movies crossed my desk in October 2017!

The most difficult part of this blog post was finding a completely work-safe Rick and Morty gif.
(Season 2 is HU DVD 13052!!!)

1913 : seeds of conflict - HU DVD 14657
Ambassador Bill - HU DVD 14661
Blue velvet - HU DVD 400
La château de ma mère - HU DVD 10353
A closer walk  - HU DVD 14656
David Harum - HU DVD 14662
Don’t think I’ve forgotten : Cambodia’s lost rock & roll - HU DVD 14670
Doubting Thomas - HU DVD 14658
Einstein on the beach - HU DVD 14671
The exploding girl - HU DVD 14672
Game of thrones. The complete sixth season - HU DVD 10026
Girls. The complete fifth season - HU DVD 10834
La gloire de mon pére - HU DVD 10354
Good times. Season one - HU DVD 14555
Good times. Season two, Discs 1 - 2 - HU DVD 14556
Good times. Season three, Discs 1 - 2 - HU DVD 14557
Good times. Season four, Discs 1 - 2 - HU DVD 14558
Good times. Season five, Discs 1 - 2 - HU DVD 14559
Good times. Season six, Discs 1 - 2 - HU DVD 14560
H.G. Wells’ things to come - HU BLU 14675
Homeland. The complete fifth season, Discs 1 - 4 - HU DVD 10352
If not us, who? - HU DVD 14674
In old Kentucky - HU DVD 14659
Life begins at 40 - HU DVD 14660
Mr. Skitch - HU DVD 14663
The Mindy project. Season three, Discs 1 - 3 - HU DVD 8474
The Mindy project. Season four, Discs 1 - 4 - HU DVD 8475
Rick and Morty. Season 2 - HU DVD 13052
Sgt. Bilko, the Phil Silvers show. The first season, Discs 1 - 5 - HU DVD 14561
Sgt. Bilko, the Phil Silvers show. The second season, Discs 1 - 5 - HU DVD 14562
Sgt. Bilko, the Phil Silvers show. The third season, Discs 1 - 5 - HU DVD 14563
Sgt. Bilko, the Phil Silvers show. The fourth season, Discs 1 - 5 - HU DVD 14564
Silicon Valley. The complete third season - HU DVD 13283
Steamboat ’round the bend - HU DVD 3481
Too busy to work - HU DVD 14664
Veep. The complete fifth season - HU DVD 5981

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Blade Runner Unicorn

The origami unicorn in Blade Runner is an important part of interpreting the movie, playing a pivotal role in the overall message...which is why we spent a thoughtful hour swearing and attempting to fold one.

Giant purple unicorn folded by Tara. (DVD for scale.)
Actual unicorn (slightly smaller than Tara's unicorn).
(Also, actual in the sense of being from the movie, not literally a unicorn.)

As you can see, it's...basically exactly the same. Definitely a successful project.

The pattern is here:

Get folding!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

On the Open Secret

This October, the Open Secret of Harvey Weinstein's reprehensible behavior broke open. Namely, his harassment, assault, rape, and silencing of an astounding number of women.

But as we follow this story, I did want to draw attention to the struggles of those women who do not face the camera:

It's easy to forget just how many hands make the product of film. Like any industry, it has its own culture, traditions, policies, vocabulary, and so on. Does it matter if, for example, your favorite director is accused of statutory rape? Does it matter if, on the set of your favorite movie, a grip was a victim of sexual assault? How about an actress?

Part of analyzing film is, and should be, outside the frame. If you don't like what you see outside that frame, how do you square that with a work of art that you love? Can you?

It's a tough question. One to think about and live with, perhaps, rather than to answer.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ocean's 8: Will it be at least kind of ok?

As we hear more about Ocean's 8, this fascinating post on heists might be of interest to  a few of you:

What is a heist film? Bordwell quotes Westlake:
Donald Westlake proposed a concise characterization: “We follow the crooks before, during, and after a crime, usually a robbery.” This indicates two things. First, the plot is structured around the big caper, though there might be lesser crimes enabling it, such as stealing weapons. Second, the viewpoint is organized around the criminals, not the detectives who might pursue them, as in a police procedural. By these criteria, High Sierra (1941), although allied to the bandit tradition, fits because most of the film concerns a single robbery, its preparations and aftermath.

He mentions quite a few movies we own in our collection...too many to list! But, to get you started, we do have the original Ocean's Eleven: HU DVD 10483.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Films at the Freer|Sackler

This weekend marks the reopening of the Freer|Sackler here in DC. The films shown at this Smithsonian gem are always worthwhile, and there are a few coming up. Check out their website for the lineup:

...if we may be allowed to highlight, here's the trailer for Neko Atsume House, a film based on the popular app, which will be shown Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 3:30. It's free!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017


From this cute interview with Tom Hanks:

Maureen Dowd: You once wrote that Gary Cooper’s career could be summed up in one word: “Yup.” Your career can be summed up in one word, too.
Tom Hanks: Ah, Wilson. That’s what people yell at me.

(We got that. Of course.)