Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Random Oscar Winner Generator is hilarious, necessary

We still have over a month to go before the Oscars, but we're already excited! Questions about their authority aside, the Academy Awards are a fun time to celebrate nearly a century of great films.

Let's be serious though: there's a lot of hot air involved too. With so many award contenders dealing with serious themes, sometimes it's necessary to make fun of the whole endeavour.

To this end, Time's excellent Random Oscar Winner Generator is a goldmine. Using keywords culled from IMDb for all previous Best Picture nominees, this web widget creates convincing-sounding descriptions for borderline-generic prestige movies. It's a highly entertaining way to look at the types of films that Hollywood likes to reward, many of which apparently feature gay piano players and orphans from Manhattan.

It's all in good fun of course, but it's also vaguely educational. Hopefully this takes some of the bluster out of the buildup to March 2nd.

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