Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Military fiction writer Tom Clancy dies at 66

Tom Clancy, famed espionage author, died unexpectedly this morning. Clancy's brand of Cold War-inspired military dramas redefined the thriller genre; his influence is felt everywhere from bookstores to the popular video game franchises that bear his name.

Clancy is perhaps best known for the film adaptations of his Jack Ryan series, including The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and The Sum of All Fears. His films have immense popularity, and a fifth one is currently slated for release this Christmas. Though his brand and style will no doubt continue and be mimicked for years to come, Tom Clancy's presence will no doubt be missed in the world of literature and film.

Two of the Jack Ryan films are available to check out in the AU Library:

The Hunt for Red October – HU DVD 260
The Sum of All Fears – HU DVD 9175

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