Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Buy, buy, buy! All Criterion DVDs half-off for the next day

We don't like to run blatant promotional material, but this is a special circumstance.

The Criterion Collection, widely regarded as the gold standard for home media releases, is holding a one-day sale on their entire collection. Every Criterion DVD and Blu-ray is 50% off until noon tomorrow. This includes their collection sets and the Eclipse series.

If you have an interest in film, this is a sale you cannot pass up. Criterion DVDs tend to be pricey but stocked with worthwhile extras. The DVD for La Cage aux Folles, for instance, comes with exclusive interviews, archival footage, critical essays, and an updated transfer. With the sale price, this will only run you $15, roughly the same as buying the cheap copy on Amazon.

Head to Criterion's website to save some significant money on films while you can!

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