Monday, November 05, 2012

Watch last-minute campaign and election movies

After what feels like two grueling years, the presidential election is finally upon us. The first polls open in about 12 hours and close in about 24. This has been a knockdown-dragout fight to the finish... but if you're reading this, you're probably part of the AU community, so you've gotta love it.

If you aren't obsessively checking fivethirtyeight or the AP newswire, and if you have no pressing responsibilities (like class or a job), there are still a few hours left to get your political fix. Our Pinterest page for US political campaigns and elections has 44 documentaries and feature films about elections, from tense fictional scandals (The Ides of March, HU DVD 2884) to in-the-moment documentaries of real political wins (The War Room, HU DVD 1013). Give the list a browse and watch one that gets you fired up and ready to go.

For those on campus during election night, there will be results parties in the Ward Circle Building (Rooms 1 and 2), the SIS Founders Room, and the Tavern. The library may additionally be showing returns in The Mud Box.

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