Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Archive.org makes three years of news searchable

The wizards of Archive.org have created another excellent streaming video tool. Just in time for all the election retrospectives and analysis to begin, the Internet Archive presents TV News Search & Borrow, a site that allows you to search through three years of major news programs and share clips with others. This is a great collaborative tool for quickly finding soundbites from the news for academic research... or just fun.

For instance, here's a bit from CNN Newsroom about Romney's famously silly "binders full of women" remark. Finding and creating the clip was as easy as setting a date range, searching for "binders full of women," locating a good segment, and clicking the "Share" button. You can narrow your search further by network or program. For example, here's a search for every time Comedy Central mentioned Paul Ryan.

Compared to similar transcript services offered by LexisNexis, this is incredible! Not only is it free and open for anyone to use, but you also get access to the raw video and can easily send it to others or embed it in your presentations.

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