Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Top Ten Lynda Courses for October 2011

Lynda.com is available for use by AU students, faculty and staff. This extensive online training library contains over 3,000 video tutorials on all types of software. Tutorials walk users through programs like Access, After Effects, Excel, FinalCut, iMovie, Photoshop, Pro Tools, and many more. This library can be accessed via the MyAU Portal from any Internet-connected computer.

These are the Lynda training courses with the most views during the month of October. The number is the total number of hours viewed.

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For more information on Lynda.com check out the New Media Center homepage or the Multimedia Resources page.

Top Courses – October 2011

1 Final Cut Pro 7 Essential Training 26.76 hrs viewed
2 SharePoint 2010 Essential Training 11.55 hrs viewed
3 JavaScript Essential Training (2011) 10.60 hrs viewed
4 Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training 9.48 hrs viewed
5 Access 2007 Essential Training 9.46 hrs viewed
6 ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development 9.12 hrs viewed
7 Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals 9.03 hrs viewed
8 Creating a First Web Site with Dreamweaver CS4 8.07 hrs viewed
9 Photoshop CS5 Essential Training 7.28 hrs viewed
10 Access 2010 Essential Training 6.31 hrs viewed

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