Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Managing FCP X Events & Projects with Disk Images

This tutorial by Steve Martin addresses issues you may stumble upon when moving Final Cut Pro X projects. It talks about creating a disk image using disk utility and creating new events within that disk image. When you want to move your project to another hard drive or computer, the article states that you can simply drag the disk image to the new location and since the entire directory and meta data stay the same, you can seamlessly continue to work on your projects from the new location.

When one of our NMC consultants tested this method, he had this to say:

After following this tutorial there are a few points to remember:

1. When moving the disk image to your drive, it'll show that the disk image is an alias (that's the small, curved, black arrow pointing at the lower left corner of the disk image icon). This is does not cause a problem.

2. After connecting your external drive to a computer you have to double click the disk image to activate it. That way when you open Final Cut Pro X, the disk image and all its contents will show up.

To see the whole tutorial, go here.

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