Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Alternative programming: Vote if you can

Today is Super Tuesday, arguably the biggest day in the presidential primaries that could solidify each party's candidates for November. Like everyone else, we'll be watching the results as they trickle in tonight, and although we expect plenty of discussion about who did and didn't drive the vote in each state, we probably won't hear much about who couldn't vote. Around the county, voter ID laws intended to prevent fraud continue to obstruct the ability to vote, especially along racial and class divides. Regardless of the perceived benefits of such laws, that's a big problem.

Up until a court ruling last October partially overturned them, Super Tuesday state Texas had some of the strictest voting restriction laws in the country. In 2014, Bill Moyers covered the Texas law and the suppressive effects of voter ID laws on his syndicated PBS show in the episode "The Fight-and the Right-to Vote." Moyers elaborates on these problems with help from a member of the NAACP's Legal Defense and Education Fund and a writer for The Nation.

We'll no doubt hear all about campaign momentum tonight, but the people who don't get a voice in this process – by accident or by design – need a moment too. Thanks to Films On Demand for making this segment available streaming through the AU Library.

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