Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow approaches! Lock yourself in with the best movie blizzards

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Yes, a massive snowstorm will hit DC in about 24 hours. It will be big, possibly as large as if not larger than the Snowmageddon storm that locked down DC for a week in 2010 and caused some substantial damage on campus. If this is anywhere as bad as the experts predict, prepare to be locked in for a while.

If you plan to hunker in with your TV over the course of the storm, we recommend going for the absolute snowiest possible movies. Maybe you don't want to be reminded of what's happening outside, but arguably, there's no better timing for watching a film about totally oppressive weather.

For your consideration, we suggest the following cold, cold, classics. Stay safe and warm.
  • Die Hard 2: Die Harder – HU DVD 446
    Though there's less snow in this one than others, a movie where a snowstorm delays flights at Dulles Airport is too real.
  • The Thing – HU DVD 1410
    Want to feel grateful about being snowed in? At least you're not trapped inside with a shapeshifting monster that makes the Antarctic look pleasant by comparison.
  • The Shining – HU DVD 2168
    Even if something otherworldly was involved, The Shining is still the all-time best argument in favor of mental health check-ins during cabin fever.
  • Groundhog Day – HU DVD 2325
    A blizzard traps meteorologist Phil Connors in small-town Pennsylvania, and in an example we all should follow, his crew eventually gives up on trying to travel. 
  • Fargo – HU DVD 2393
    Long, beautiful shots of snowy rural expanse make this one of the all-time greatest, coldest films. (It's great for other reasons too.)
  • Dead Snow – HU DVD 7972
    Nazi zombies are unlikely in DC this weekend, but this Norwegian horror movie should scare anyone from wanting to head outside.
  • Snowpiercer – HU DVD 11486
    Extreme global cold has become borderline weaponized by the elite in this recent sci-fi hit. Brace yourself when an arm is stuck out the window.
  • The Day After Tomorrow – HU DVD 12586
    New York completely freezes over, and Jake Gyllenhaal becomes trapped in the library. We wouldn't know anything about that...

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