Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Alternative programming: Why run when you can ride?

Tonight is the library's annual Final Perk study boost event, this year rechristened as the marathon-themed Final Lap. That's a great metaphor, but we'll admit that this is a difficult topic for our collection. Frankly, not many running or track movies exist, almost all of them besides Forrest Gump are about the Olympics or Steve Prefontaine. How are we gonna come up with a tie-in for that?!

We want to recommend something lighter to help push you through finals. To riff loosely on the racing theme, our recommendation is Breaking Away (HU DVD 5172), a coming-of-age movie that has surprisingly fallen out of popularity despite an Oscar win and critical accolades.

The film tells the story of a group of high school graduates who join a university cycling race and – no surprises – stand up against the competition. Beyond from the big race scenes (which gadget site Stuff called "the best fictional road-bike action ever committed to film"), Breaking Away has the same triumphing-against-adversity, finish-line-crossing-ery spirit as tonight's study break.

You deserve a treat. Breaking Away is here and thematically appropriate. Grab it!

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