Thursday, February 05, 2015

Today in unexpected fandom: David Cronenberg loves Dilbert

Director David Cronenberg has made a name for himself as a purveyor of dark psychological films, from self-contained thriller experiments like Cosmopolis to the extra-gory body horror that made him famous in Scanners and The Fly. As befits his style, you might expect his tastes to skew towards the terrifying or distressing. But surprisingly, Cronenberg also really likes Dilbert.

Counterculture blog Dangerous Minds has assembled a litany of examples showing Cronenberg referencing, praising, or outright quoting Scott Adams's famous office parody comic strip. Even as recently as this November, Cronenberg has name-dropped Dilbert in the same breath as other pop culture critiques of business like Wall Street. There's nothing wrong with liking Dilbert, but given the director's background and interests, we wouldn't expect him to fixate on it. Maybe one day he'll try his hand at a satirical comedy.

We don't have anything Dilbert-related in our collection, so instead, we'll just encourage you to watch Cronenberg's Videodrome (HU DVD 64). It's about as un-Dilbert-y as his filmography gets.

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