Thursday, October 16, 2014

Join SOC and the National Gallery of Art for a new world cinema festival

We certainly think that American University is a cultured place, but our on-campus film screenings are starting to feel more... prestigious. This year, the School of Communication struck up a multi-year partnership with the National Gallery of Art to bring a world cinema festival to AU while the NGA ia undergoing renovations.

The SOC/NGA partnership began last month (sorry, we missed it!) with a series of Italian films. The October festivities kick off tomorrow with "a series of documentary films on rural and urban life in mainland China." The week-long series kicks off with the American premiere of an episode from the series Nostalgia: The Ballade of Village. Screenings continue through the weekend and return for a finale next Friday.

Every month will bring films from a new region: November will feature Czech films, while December focuses on Greek cinema. We'll be sure to update you about these events as they transpire, but you might want to preemptively clear your calendar for the dates on SOC's website.

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