Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rolling Stone names its favorite sci-fi movies from this century

The past decade or so have been great for the science fiction in film. Even beyond superhero movies and blockbusters, genre fare has seen critical celebration. Movies like Blade Runner have been rehabilitated to classic status, and newcomers such as District 9 and Gravity see major award nominations. This is a great time for fans of futuristic media.

In honor of last week's update of the long-running Godzilla series, Rolling Stone has taken a moment to write about contemporary genre history and declared their favorite twenty sci-fi movies since 2000. You might not agree with their selections, but the variety indicates strong health and a great future for science-fiction filmmaking. Modern blockbuster masterpieces such as Inception sit alongside weirder films like Under the Skin and Moon. At the least, it's an eclectic selection.

Most of the films on this list are available in the AU Library. (We're clearly fans of science fiction too!) As summer movie season ramps up, we encourage you to check a few of these out to revisit the best of our recent past.

Cloverfield – HU DVD 767
Minority Report – HU DVD 1969
Donnie Darko – HU DVD 2174
Children of Men – HU DVD 2631
WALL-E – HU DVD 4950
Sunshine – HU DVD 5287
Serenity – HU DVD 5317
District 9 – HU DVD 6686
Moon – HU DVD 7213
The Host – HU DVD 7652
Inception – HU DVD 8000
Primer – HU DVD 8104
Looper – HU DVD 10899
Gravity – HU DVD 11181
The World's End – HU DVD 11185

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