Tuesday, May 13, 2014

H. R. Giger, artist of the Alien, dies at 74

Swedish surrealistic H. R. Giger died today at 74. Though he worked primarily in painting and sculpting, Giger is best remembered as the designer of the terrifying and highly Freudian architecture and creatures from Ridley Scott's Alien franchise. Giger designed much of the iconic, dark, and twisted art of that world – from infested hallways in Aliens to the xenomorphs themselves. His style of quasi-organic and arguably erotic machinery indelibly changed the face of futuristic design, affecting everything from Predator to Man of Steel to a Giger-themed bar in Switzerland.

In honor of Giger's legacy, we recommend watching the Alien series (including Prometheus) that remain his most beloved creations. Though they are among his only contributions to movies, they are perhaps some of the most influential images captured on film.

Alien – HU DVD 885
Aliens – HU DVD 886
Alien 3 – HU DVD 887
Prometheus – HU DVD 10496

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