Sunday, February 02, 2014

Alternative programming: Football under scrutiny

February 2nd is upon us, and we're only 8 hours away from Super Bowl XLVIII kickoff. We're as excited as anyone, especially given the exciting match-up this year. That said, there is a dark side to the professional football as well. The continued threat of brain damage has plagued the NFL for years, and with recent strings of suicide and memory loss among former players, it is a more pertinent issue than ever.

As counter-programming to the Super Bowl, we strongly suggest watching League of Denial, a new Frontline documentary about the NFL's continued struggle with concussions and head trauma. The documentary made an enormous and controversial impact when it was released last October, in part because of its depiction of the NFL's repeated denials and evasions over the issue. It's becoming harder and harder to talk about the state football without touching on this issue; this documentary is perhaps the best gateway into that discussion.

Of course, it's possible to enjoy the Super Bowl at the same time. We'll be watching both.

League of Denial – HU DVD 6721

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