Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Entertainment Weekly crowns Citizen Kane, The Wire the greatest

Many organizations – Sight & Sound, the AFI, and IMDb to name a few – have created lists of what they consider the greatest films of all time. Now add Entertainment Weekly to that list. On Sunday, the weekly media magazine published a list of, in the view of its editorial staff, the greatest movies and television shows of all time.

The top choices are no surprise. Citizen Kane and The Wire were voted the best in their respective categories; The Godfather, The Simpsons, Casablanca, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, et al. round out the top ten. But their lists gave a few wild cards too, like the inclusion of the lost 1950 variety hour Your Show of Shows as the tenth best television program. Entertainment Weekly's site also includes an article about how the publication went about choosing their list.

Though EW's website does not produce the lists in full outside their print edition, they're worth seeking out. Though imperfect, Entertainment Weekly's lists are a complete critical assessment of the history of two mediums, stretching from their earliest days to the present.

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