Monday, June 03, 2013

Media Services at the Movies: The Internship

The summer blockbuster season is here! "Media Services at the Movies" will look at what big movie is coming out this week, then offer a few movies like it from our collection.

No pretenses here: sometimes we're suckers for dumb comedies. Though our staff tends to be split on this, we're frequently okay with movies like Dodgeball and Anchorman (their negative tendencies aside). So naturally, we're greeting a new comedy from schlocksters Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson with... not quite enthusiasm, but maybe lazy acceptance. It'll do. At the least, we're intrigued by its semi-endorsed use of employment at Google as a MacGuffin. Can the guys from Zoolander really work well in a movie about a tech firm?

Just writing this post has brought up some good memories about stupid movies starring the Frat Pack. If you're looking forward to The Internship, you've probably seen these already. But you should see them again!

Bottle Rocket – HU DVD 1449
The Royal Tenenbaums – HU DVD 1937
Rushmore – HU DVD 3856
Tropic Thunder – HU DVD 4985
Wedding Crashers – HU DVD 8445
Night at the Museum – HU DVD 8589
Old School – HU DVD 8779
Anchorman – HU DVD 9144
Zoolander – HU DVD 9766

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