Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Watch Steven Soderbergh's extra-long speech about the state of film

It looks like filmmaker Steven Soderbergh wasn't kidding when he said he was retiring. A few day ago, Soderbergh gave a keynote speech at the San Francisco Film Festival. It was exactly as upbeat as you might expect from an auteur who left Hollywood in disillusionment. For nearly 40 minutes, Soderbergh delivered a rambling assault on the film industry, piracy, and other societal ills.

Thankfully, despite the requests for no video recording, the San Francisco Film Society has provided a complete video of Soderbergh's "State of Cinema" speech. It's sort of breathtaking to watch. If you can find the time, or even if you want to put it on in the background, it's worth listening to one of the most prolific independent filmmakers of the era talk about what he finds wrong with the industry.

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