Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sick of super heroes? 10 low-key movies to watch for this summer

Summer movie season unofficially kicks off this coming Friday with Iron Man 3. We have four months of slam-bang action and high-budget adaptations to look forward to, with a new major blockbuster coming out seemingly every week (the upcoming Iron Man-Great Gatsby-Star Trek trifecta looks like it'll wreak havoc on the box office).

But a season loaded with big hits doesn't exclude smaller films too. In fact, it might encourage people to look for something a little quieter and smaller. Entertainment news site HitFix compiled a list of 10 tinier movies coming out this summer that deserve your attention. Included are the new film from Noah Baumbach, director of The Squid and the Whale; an unusual Paul Rudd comedy with Icelandic roots; and a hit Sundance documentary about backup singers.

It's definitely worth a read. When you're in line to watch The Lone Ranger come July, consider looking up a local theater that'll be showing one of these sleeper hits.

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