Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama, Romney share television favorites

With Hurricane Sandy largely out of the way, the media now turns to the upcoming presidential election. Less than a week remains until the election, and without enough time for any more debates or major game-changing developments, the time has come for silly feature stories.

TV Guide scored exclusive interviews with both President Obama and Governor Romney. Rather than pressing them on the economy or gender equality, TV Guide decided to figure out what their favorite television shows are. If you'd believe it, Obama is a fan of HBO dramas Boardwalk Empire and The Wire, while Romney prefers down-to-earth hits like Justified, Magnum P.I., and Friday Night Lights.

You could extrapolate some political points from the list if you wanted to analyze Obama's choice of Homeland or Romney's love for Modern Family, but this is really just a fun list. Also, apparently Romney is a fan of the old Transformers animated series. Who knew!

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Chris Lewis said...

And Obama's favorite character on The Wire? Everyone's favorite stick-up man, Omar Little.