Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alternative programming: Outlast Sandy with disaster movies

If you've looked outside in the past 12 hours, you've no doubt noticed the impending, massive onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. This storm could be pretty serious. The Capital Weather Gang as The Washington Post has put together a guide for how to stay safe and supplied during the storm. Check in with them for updates about how this storm will unfold over the next three days.

That said, if you happen to already be on or around campus, what better way to wait for the inevitable power outage than to watch a few movies? Media Services has a thin collection of disaster movies, but we have plenty of films about survival and the post-apocalypse.

The Wizard of Oz - HU DVD 666
Key Largo - HU DVD 4679
The Road - HU DVD 7217
127 Hours - HU DVD 8294
The Walking Dead: Season 1 - HU DVD 10531 (recommended purchase!)

We also have a movie about boxing called The Hurricane  (HU DVD 491).

Films and documentaries about Hurricane Katrina were intentionally omitted. If you're looking for something more substantive and educational, consider watching PBS's free streaming version of The Hurricane of '38, a particularly brutal hurricane that hit the East Coast nearly a century ago.

Stay safe and dry!

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