Thursday, September 06, 2012

Film screenings on- and off-campus this Friday

We're heading into the second weekend of the semester. Hopefully the workload hasn't piled up too much, because the weather is still pleasant enough for a few movie screenings.

On campus tomorrow, the AU Student Government will show The Hunger Games in the Tavern at 10 PM. The Hunger Games will kick off Artemas Ward Week, the Student Government's annual celebration of the Revolutionary War general who lends his name to the traffic circle near campus. It's an appropriate movie choice that glorifies the same renegade, anti-authoritarian spirit which Ward fought for.

At the same time, National Harbor will continue its outdoor film series with a screening of Spaceballs, the Mel Brooks-directed Star Wars parody. If you have access to transportation to National Harbor, take advantage of this opportunity while the temperature is nice enough.

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