Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Alternative programming: The Olympics on film and television

The thirtieth Olympiad is well underway. If you don't feel like watching gymnastics this evening, take the night off and check out one of these gold-quality videos from our collection.

One Day in September -- DVD 450
Monty Python's Flying Circus: Olympic Hide-and-Seek Final -- HU DVD 771
Olympia -- DVD 1663
Munich -- HU DVD 2172
Tokyo Olympiad -- DVD 2791
Charlie Chan at the Olympics -- HU DVD 4004
The Office, Season 2: Office Olympics -- HU DVD 4012
Prefontaine -- HU DVD 5547
30 for 30: Marion Jones: Press Pause -- HU DVD 7911
Have you heard from Johannesburg? -- DVD 7924
Cool Runnings -- HU DVD 7973

If you're sitting out the Olympics this year on account of a pulled hamstring or a stubbed toe, you can always watch the streaming video Sports Injuries: Classification and Management via Films on Demand.

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