Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Support this great project! Playing Dead

Playing Dead: A Documentary About the Zombie Subculture

Check out and support this fun and exciting project by former Media Services staff member, Eileen. All the details are on the project's Kickstarter page, and can also be found below.
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What is this film?

PLAYING DEAD explores the role of the living dead within our culture today. From the Thriller dance to the apocalypse, zombies have infiltrated all aspects of our society.  We follow the filmmaker as she discovers the world of the living dead. 

Why are you fundraising?

We are knee-deep in zombie guts.  The filming and editing are complete, and we're now ready to take on audio mixing, color correction, and some other post production detail.  The money raised through Kickstarter will not only go toward the completion of PLAYING DEAD, it will also help fund entries into various film festivals and possibly even mass-distribution.
This project has been several years in the making, has already had a substantial production budget and is a truly independent film.  We haven't had any government funding or grants to put toward the budget--it has been driven by passion for filmmaking and a fascination with the undead.

Why should I put money towards the project?

PLAYING DEAD is about zombies, and zombies are fun.  You are supporting a film that explores a social phenomenon, and it will make you laugh (I promise).  
Here is a clip from the film "A Short History of Zombies"

The rewards are incredible too!  How many people do you know own autographed photos of zombie pinup girls
Also, The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z author, Max Brooks, is in it, and that's just awesome in itself!  His interview took place last year, and I'm still excited about it. 
Please consider helping in any way you can.  If you can't contribute financially, spread the word to your friends!  Visit our page on Facebook, help us hand out promotional material, tell your favorite bartender or even a stranger in line at the theater, and we will be eternally grateful.  Chiller is right around the corner after all!
Eileen & the "Playing Dead" Family

**PS--As a special bonus for our Kickstarter backers, we'll be releasing EXCLUSIVE video clips over the next several weeks.  These clips will feature footage from different zombie events we've covered (like the world record breaking NJ Zombie Walk and the "zombie reenactment" in Washington, DC), as well as lengthier interviews with our zombie experts.
**PPS--International backers welcome--additional shipping fees will be required. 

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