Monday, January 23, 2012

New Media Center Software Training Sessions this week:

The New Media Center is located on the lower level of the library past the Technology Services desk, next to Media Services. The NMC conducts open workshops on a variety of topics related to multimedia production. These 20 to 30 minute sessions are open to all AU faculty, staff and students with all levels of multimedia production experience. There are usually four or five workshops held each week. Check the NMC calendar for the latest schedule. For more information, contact the NMC staff (202) 885-2560.

Tuesday 1/24 at 12pm – Final Cut Pro X: Beginner
Wednesday 1/25 at 8pm – Get Started with Photoshop
Thursday 1/26 at 4pm – Final Cut Pro 7 - Beginner

Friday 1/27 at 12pm – Basic Motion Graphics for Video - After Effects
Saturday 1/28 at 5:30pm – Final Cut Pro 7 - Beginner

See the complete Spring Training Schedule by date or by topic.

There is a wealth of multimedia training resources available online. AU faculty, staff and students have access to thousands of hours of free training at Create a personal profile and get started. More information about resources can be found at Multimedia @ AU.

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