Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hot Docs: Barbershop Punk now available in Media Services

When Robb Topolski set out to share his collection of rare, turn-of-the-century barbershop quartet recordings over the internet, he found his uploads were blocked by his service provider, the nation's largest cable company, Comcast. From this seemingly innocuous beginning, the surprising events of BARBERSHOP PUNK unfold as Topolski's findings go public, casting him as a wry David against a corporate Goliath in a battle over how the First Amendment should function in the internet age. Inter-woven with the struggles of the Topolski family are FCC hearings on net neutrality, and discussions with politicians, musicians, critics and open Internet advocates-from the Christian Coalition to NARAL-who are striving to keep the Internet accessible to everyone.
DVD 9245

Bullfrog films description:

Got Media Services fines? Wipe 'em out with Food for Fines 2011!

For the past sixteen years, the AU Library has partnered with the AU community to provide food for those in need, while giving people a break on their library fines. This year, we are once again working with the Capital Area Food Bank to bring food to hungry kids right here in DC through their Kids Café program. You can learn more about the Capital Area Food bank and its mission and initiatives through their website:

Food for Fines will run from November 28th through December 22nd. Please see below for a list of accepted food. Only food from the list will be accepted, and you can only pay off up to $20.00 of your AU fines with food donations. If you have questions or comments, please contact the borrowing desk at 202-885-3221 or

Food for Fines items accepted in 2011:

Canned food

  • Canned fruits (without corn syrup)—8oz or larger 1 can = $1.00 off fines
  • Canned vegetables—8oz or larger 1 can = $1.00 off fines
  • Canned beans (black or kidney)—8oz or larger 1 can = $1.00 off fines
  • Soup (especially chicken noodle or tomato)—8oz or larger 1 can = $1.00 off fines
  • Canned tuna—6oz or larger 1 can = $1.00 off fines
  • Canned chicken—6oz or larger 1 can = $1.00 off fines

Boxed/dry food

  • Boxed rice dishes—1 box 7 oz or larger = $1.00 off fines
  • Plain rice—1 bag 32 oz or larger $1.00 off fines
  • Boxed mac and cheese—1 box 7.25 oz or larger = $1.00 off fines
  • Granola or cereal bars—1 box 6ct or more = 4.00 off fines
  • Single Serving Snacks—1 box 8ct or more = $4.00 off fines
  • Peanut butter (no hydrogenated oils/trans fats)—1 jar 18oz or larger = $4.00 off fines

Sundance unveils dramatic, doc competition slate

Filly Brown

"Filly Brown" - Directed by Youssef Delara and Michael D. Olmos, written by Delara. A Mexican girl achieves musical fame while coping with her mother's incarceration in this hip-hop-driven drama. Features Lou Diamond Phillips, Gina Rodriguez, Jenni Rivera and Edward James Olmos.

For Ellen

"For Ellen" - Directed and written by So Yong Kim. A struggling musician fights his estranged wife for custody of their young daughter. With Paul Dano, Jon Heder, Jena Malone, Margarita Levieva, Shay Mandigo.

Keep the Lights On

"Keep the Lights On" - Directed by Ira Sachs, written by Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias. Two men share a passionate long-term relationship in this fact-inspired drama. With Thure Lindhart, Zachary Booth, Julianne Nicholson, Souleymane Sy Savane, Paprika Steen.

The Comedy

"The Comedy" - Directed by Rick Alverson, written by Alverson, Robert Donne and Colm O'Leary. An aging hipster searches for meaning in a world that values status, popularity and good looks above all else. Stars Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Kate Lyn Sheil, Alexia Rasmussen, Gregg Turkington.

Excerpted from Variety
"I'm almost starting to think a bad economy makes for better artists," John Cooper noted as he unveiled the lineup of the 28th annual Sundance Film Festival, marking his third year as director of America's premier independent-cinema event. "When things start to get crazy, it's actually good for them. They start making the films they want to make."

Certainly the economic slump has had little impact on the numbers. Set to unspool Jan. 19-29 in Park City, Utah, Sundance will present 111 features (88 of them world premieres) culled from a pool of 4,042 submissions; given that last year the fest received fewer submissions (3,812) yet accommodated more titles (115), the selection process can be termed the most competitive in recent memory. Packages and passes have sold out as quickly as ever, and sponsorship has held steady, director of programming Trevor Groth said. Read more here.
Excerpted from Variety

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Apple Needs Adobe

Here's a really interesting
article that attempts to predict the future standard for video editing over the next few years. It makes a good case for new users to pick up Adobe Premier over Final Cut Pro X which is an issue that is often discussed here in the New Media Center.

Article from Orcas Island TV

Monday, November 28, 2011

SOC's Center for Environmental Filmmaking: Film Screening Double Feature - Tuesday, November 29 at 7pm in Wechsler Theater

SOC's Center for Environmental Filmmaking: Film Screening Double Feature
Tuesday, November 29 at 7:00 pm
Mary Graydon Center, Wechsler Theater

How do our ever-increasing urbanization, population growth, and cultural traditions impact the wildlife community around us? Join us in viewing two documentaries that explore this question. "Hawks in the City," presented by executive producer Maggie Burnette Stogner, and "Entangled," a documentary work-in-progress by MFA candidates Aditi Desai and Kai Fang.
Sponsor: SOC's Center for Environmental Filmmaking
Contact: Chris Palmer, 202-885-3408 and

Children of the Plains Screening and Discussion on Tuesday, November 29 at 6pm in the GLBTARC Lounge (MGC 201)

Children of the Plains Screening and Discussion

Tuesday, November 29 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm
GLBTARC Lounge (MGC 201)

In October, ABC aired a special to highlight the experiences of Lakota Sioux children. They will screen the 20/20 special and discuss the racialized portrayal of indigenous people framed as awareness raising.

Sponsor: Women’s Resource Center and Multicultural Affairs
Contact: 202-885-3651,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Famed editor Walter Murch discusses Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X has been slammed by many, so what’s the point in posting yet another article about it? Well, one question I’ve been asked a lot since the release of FCP X is, “I’m a student, what NLE should I learn?” Before, the answer was easy: Final Cut Pro. Now, not so much. Should a student commit to FCP X, assuming it will become the future standard despite being woefully incomplete at present, or should they learn Adobe or Avid, assuming Apple’s role in the professional, wage-earning editing world as we know it is over? It’s a tough question, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, here’s famed editor Walter Murch (The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather II, and The English Patient among many others) talking about the X at the Boston Supermeet.
As seen on NoFilmSchool.

New Media Center Software Training Sessions this week:

The New Media Center is located on the lower level of the library past the Technology Services desk, next to Media Services. The NMC conducts open workshops on a variety of topics related to multimedia production. These 20 to 30 minute sessions are open to all AU faculty, staff and students with all levels of multimedia production experience. There are usually four or five workshops held each week. Check the NMC calendar for the latest schedule. For more information, contact the NMC staff (202) 885-2560.

Tuesday 11/29 at 12pm – Mixing Audio for Film– Soundtrack Pro
Wednesday 11/30 at 8pm – Color Correction for Video – Color
Thursday 12/01 at 4pm – Color Correction for Video – Color

Friday 12/02 at 11am – Basic Motion Graphics for Video - After Effects
Saturday 12/03 at 4:30pm – Making Movies in iMovie HD - iMovie HD

See the complete Fall Training Schedule by date or by topic.

There is a wealth of multimedia training resources available online. AU faculty, staff and students have access to thousands of hours of free training at Create a personal profile and get started. More information about resources can be found at Multimedia @ AU.