Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Need to download a video for an editing project? - Try Downloadhelper

Looking for ways to download videos online to your computer for your editing projects? Here's a simple and easy way to do so (via firefox):

- Open your Firefox browser and go to Downloadhelper
-Download the plug-in when prompted.
- Find the video you’d like to download using your Firefox web browser.

- Let it load COMPLETELY.
- A small animation of the plug-in will appear on your toolbar.
- Click and hold down the animation, and a menu will appear.
- Click download, or the format preferred format for your download, and the video will automatically download onto your computer.
- If the file is in a FLV format, you simply need to transcode the file in either MPEG streamclip or VisualHub – both of which can be found in the NMC.

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