Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot Docs: Quiet Revolution now available in Media Services

Many say Singapore has the best education system in the world. This film shows how this system has produced such amazing results and how it differs from the educational philosophy as practiced here in the United States.
 The system acknowledges that not everyone is “college material” and steers students into the appropriate training or educational course. The film follows the inspiring stories of two Singaporean school children facing the highest stakes exam of their lives - the primary school leaving exam, or PSLE. It determines where you go to secondary school - and in credential-driven Singaporean society, it is a grade that stays with you for life. We see the hard studies, the tears, the testing grind, the passes and the failures - and learn the surprising way success-driven Singapore handles academic failure -- in a country where the ‘Tiger’ mom or dad is nothing new. This is an in-depth look at high-stakes testing - and how it affects the lives and psyches of the children.

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