Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot Docs: Miss HIV now available in Media Services

This documentary explores the international collision of HIV/AIDS
policies while following the journey of two HIV-positive women who
entered the annual Miss HIV Stigma-Free pageant in Botswana. Filmed
across Africa and at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto this
explosive EthnoGraphic film shares both sides of an ideology struggle.
What is happening in Botswana, where half of all pregnant women have
HIV, is set against Uganda which has experienced the largest
reductions of new infections ever recorded. Unlike any other film on
AIDS, the story takes the viewer backstage to the Miss HIV pageant and
behind the curtain on what is really happening in the war against a
virus that is now the leading killer of people under 60 in the world.

DVD 9179

Distributor description: http://www.videoproject.com/misshiv.html

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