Monday, August 08, 2011

Check out these NASA related films in Media Services!!

On Friday, August 5 an Atlas V rocket lofted the Juno spacecraft toward Jupiter from Space Launch Complex-41. The 4-ton Juno spacecraft will take five years to reach Jupiter on a mission to study its structure and decipher its history.

Check out the launch footage below, and check out some cool NASA related videos below. Many of these titles are streaming. If you’re on campus, the link should take you directly to the film. If you’re off-campus, you will be prompted to authenticate using your myALADIN log in info.


Apollo 13 – HU DVD 529

Contact – HU DVD 2500

Cosmos – HU DVD 4271 - 4277

Solaris (Tarkovsky) – HU DVD 4830

Solaris (Soderbergh) – HU DVD 5398

Sunshine – HU DVD 5287

Schizopolis –HU DVD 5389

A funny thing happened on the way to the moon –HU DVD 448


BLAST! Balloon-Borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope– Streaming Video

How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? – Streaming Video

Spotlight on Careers in Science – Streaming Video

The States Part 4 - New Jersey, Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Alaska – Streaming Video

Man, Moment, Machine; Apollo 13 triumph on the dark side of the moon – Streaming Video

Beyond the Moon; Failure Is Not an Option 2 –Streaming Video

A Personal Journey with Samuel Ting, Nobel Laureate Physicist – Streaming Video

Alien Underworld; the Search for the Smallest Living Organism – Streaming Video

Fantastic Voyage; Nanotechnology and Space-Age Medicine – Streaming Video

The Future of the Web – Streaming Video

Snowball Earth; How the Planet Froze and Lived to Tell –Streaming Video

The Dream Pioneers; Visionaries of Science Fiction –Streaming Video

Aerospace Technology; the Space Shuttle –Streaming Video

Aerospace Technology; the Model Rocketry –Streaming Video

The First Steps in Space Exploration –Streaming Video

SPC-4 -- Challenger disaster – Streaming Video

NASA -- the 25th year; highlights from the first 25 years –Streaming Video

Apollo 16; Nothing so hidden –Streaming Video

Apollo 15; in the mountains of the moon –Streaming Video

The Flight of Apollo 11; Eagle has landed –Streaming Video

Prelinger Archives; Highlights 1965-- A Progress Report (Part II) (1965) –Streaming Video

Prelinger Archives; Highlights 1965 -- A Progress Report (Part II) (1965) –Streaming Video

Prelinger Archives; Highlights 1965 -- A Progress Report (Part III) (1965) –Streaming Video

Apollo 13 – Streaming Video


One earth, many scales –DVD 8541

Robatierra= Stolen land – DVD 8092

In the shadow of the Moon – DVD 3990

Hot politics – DVD 3154

For all mankind –DVD 1361

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