Thursday, March 10, 2011

Media Services Now Circulates a Tripod and a Monopod

Media Services is now circulating even more AV equipment to enhance your film-making experience. Now Media Services is circulating a Velbon CX 560 tripod and a Velbon UP-400 DX monopod. Hopefully you've already heard that we are currently circulating 6 Flip Ultra HD cameras, 4 Kodak Zi8 cameras, and an M-Audio Microtrack II digital audio recorder - each for three days at a time. Now our tripod and monopod can each be checked out for three days as well.

As soon as we learned there was an unfulfilled demand for tripod borrowing we seized the opportunity. Now it's your turn. Come check one out the next time you check out a Flip cam or Kodak Zi8 from us; and don't forget to tell a friend.

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