Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check out these Home Use titles from the American Silent Horror Collection!

Man Who Laughs - HU DVD 3681

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - HU DVD 3682

The Cat and the Canary - HU DVD 3683

The Penalty - HU DVD 3684

Kingdom of Shadows - HU DVD 3685

4th Brazilian Film Week - 3 Final Screenings Tonight at E St Cinema!

Tonight at 5:00pm
SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES (É proibido fumar, 2009) Anna Muylaert. 86min.

Baby is a chain-smoking guitar teacher in her forties who craves a romantic relationship. When musician Max moves into the apartment next door, she sees the possibility of turning her lonely life around. Instead, she unexpectedly finds herself involved in a love triangle leading to a terrible jealous rage. A bad time to give up smoking. View trailer>>

Tonight at 7:30pm
A GASTRONOMIC STORY (Estômago, 2007) Marcos Jorge. 112 min.

The world is made of those who eat and those who get eaten. Raimundo Nonato finds an alternative way: he cooks. He cooks first in a bar, then in an Italian Restaurant and then in prison - how did he end up in jail? He cooks and learns how to get by in a society divided between those who eat and those who get eaten. View trailer>>

Tonight at 10:00pm
OUT OF TUNE (Os desafinados, 2009) Walter Lima Jr. 131 min.

In the 60s, during the golden years of Bossa Nova, a group of musicians and composers form the band "Out of Tune". They launch themselves into an independent trip to the US, where they eventually find love, reach a broad audience and achieve success in the record market. View trailer>>

All of the above screenings are at the E Street Cinema located at 555 11th St NW. The entrance is on E St between 10th and 11th St NW.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TONIGHT!! Baby Boomer Film Festival - Wechsler Theater 7pm

Tonight's film screening is of Coming Home, which can also be found in the Media Services Home Use Collection. Coming Home is a sad, poignant love story set against the social upheaval of the Vietnam war. Set in 1968, the story concerns a woman who, while her husband is serving in Vietnam, falls in love with a paraplegic while performing volunteer work at a San Diego veterans hospital.

Starring Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Bruce Dern. Directed by, Hal Ashby.

Coming Home - HU DVD 2085

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Todd's Tips - Color Palettes for Your Graphics Projects

When I'm doing graphics one of the things I find most difficult is choosing a proper color palate.

And that's where this site (ColourLovers) comes in. The site has over 1 million color palates online and they are searchable by matching colors, theme, mood, even season or trend.

If you need a good palate, this is a one stop shop. I highly recommend checking out ColourLovers.

Todd's Tips - Best Free Stock Photo Site Ever

One of the most difficult things about professional media production can be obtaining good quality images for your work.

Stock.xchng is one of the best places to get free stock photos. And, the vast majority of the nearly 400,000 free photos is that they come with wide open usage licenses. Most only require photographer credit.

All you have to do to start downloading free photos (and even some vector graphics) is create an account. It's free and they don't send you a bunch of silly email. Just fill out the form and your off and downloading.

So if you need images, this is the place.

DMS User Work - Makeup Contest Submission

This past weekend a Kogod student came into the Digital Media Studio with almost no experience making videos. She could do great makeup though. She'd found a makeup contest and wanted to create a video as an entry submission. She came to us, borrowed a Kodak Zi-8 hd camcorder and shot her video. Then she came back, we taught her to use iMovie and she made her video.

Here's what she came up with:

We wish her well in the contest.

DMS Help - Professional FX in After Effects

After Effects is capable of a lot of amazing effects. A great way to snazz up your students films
is to add professional looking special effects. Here's a list of 30 amazing special effects video tutorials you can add to your films with a bit of clever After Effects work.

DMS Help - After Effects Effects

Sometimes you just need some flare...

Here are some After Effects tutorials that can show you how to create awesome effects in Adobe's motion graphics suite. And, after you're done playing with those you should check out the rest of the website; there are a lot of other neat tutorials for other animation and motion graphics applications.

DMS Help: Need iMovie? Speak Spanish?

Here's an excellent tutorial on iMovie HD in Spanish, just in case you're a bit more comfortable doing technical stuff in your native language:

Bumble Bee Slams into a Police SUV During Transformers 3 Shoot

Michael Bay loves collision and mayhem in his films but this one he could have done without.

While shooting Transformers 3 on-location in Washington DC, the Camaro Autobot Bumblebee t-boned a real DC police officer's Tahoe as it was speeding to answer a suspicious package call. The officer was using a different radio frequency than the police detail assigned to keep the Transformers 3 set closed and safe. While the collision looks like a part of the scene as Autobots Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Ironhide motor along, it most certainly is not.

This incident is yet another scar for Bay's third and presumably final Transformers film. A 24-year old woman suffered permanent brain damage last month when a stunt went awry on an Indiana freeway, sending debris hurtling through her windshield.

As seen on TheHDRoom

Sunday, October 24, 2010

20 Horror Films You Should See

Tis the season to be frightened and there are plenty of scary movies in the Home Use Collection in Media Services to get you in the Halloween mood. The following is a list of 20 to get you started. There are tons more where these came from.

Coffin Joe Trilogy (Brazillian cult horror) - HU DVD 497-499
At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul - HU DVD 497
This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse- HU DVD 498
Awakening of the Beast- HU DVD 499
Night of the Living Dead - dvd 600
The Orphanage - HU DVD 639
Videodrome - HU DVD 64
Exorcist - HU DVD 2002
Friday the 13th - HU DVD 859
Carrie - HU DVD 5805
Ichi the Killer - HU DVD 1512
The Host - HU DVD 7652
Gojira - HU DVD 6181
Descent - HU DVD 3850
Evil Dead 2 - HU DVD 926
28 Days Later - HU DVD 952
The Thing - HU DVD 1410
Rosemary's Baby - HU DVD 5783
Dracula - HU DVD 862
Shaun of the Dead - HU DVD 6279
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - HU DVD 352
Blair Witch Project - HU DVD 24
Ringu - HU DVD 1547