Thursday, December 03, 2009

So you want to research a film or filmmaker: A user’s guide to Film Studies research databases at American University

This database user's guide has been updated with Atom Egoyan used as a sample search. Each entry briefly describes a given database's value for film studies research.

Here's an example:

Academic Search Premier – 237 hits; a majority as full-text
This is a major cross-disciplinary database with a large portion of full-text content. A great resource database that would allow you in most cases the option to view the results as an HTML, text or PDF file. Articles ranged from critical analysis to film reviews. Editors choice.

Art Abstracts – 68 hits; About half as full-text
The articles cited were primarily about individual films. Most are in English but there are also entries from the French journal Cahiers du Cinema. Editors choice.


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