Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bookhunter - a library detective story

Media Services News is happy to begin sharing this comic by Jason Shiga. Jason's tense, gripping drama rips the lid off the seamy underbelly of the library world. Reproduced with permission, we will have a new installment each Monday.

The entire comic can be seen at

"The year is 1973. A priceless book has been stolen from the Oakland Public Library. A crack team of Bookhunters (aka. library police) have less than three days to recover the stolen item. It's a race against the clock as our heroes use every tool in their arsenal of library equipment to find the book and the mastermind who stole it.

While this story is based on an
actual case, it has been highly fictionalized. I took some liberties with architecture as well. For example, the library of this comic does not in fact exist. It is a hybrid of Oakland Main and the old Berkeley Central library."

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