Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten Best Script and Hand-written Google Web Fonts

The following fonts and 8 more were discovered at DesignShack, where they not only introduce 10 great handwriting fonts, but they also provide you with the html and css codes. Check them all out at DesignShack!



Pacifico is just a great, round and loopy script that really has a unique feel to it. It’s hard to find a thick script with such nice curves and so much character so be sure to bookmark this one.

For Codes and more fonts go to DesignShack

Lobster Two

Lobster needs no introduction, it has become one of the most ubiquitous scripts on the planet in the last few years. Version two gives you the choice between bold and thin versions.

For codes and more fonts go to DesignShack


Media Services Whiteboard: New Acquisitions!

Check out these titles available from the Media Services Home Use Collection:

Dick Tracy - HU DVD 10036
Brothers - HU DVD 10020 
Sucker Punch - HU DVD 10038
Community Seasons 1 & 2 - HU DVD 10001 - 10008
Mid-August Lunch - HU DVD 10037 
Certified Copy - HU DVD 10031
Like Crazy - HU DVD 10057

Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 Silver Docs 2012 articles from Pat Auderheide and the Center for Social Media









The following three stories are from the Center for Social Media blog and were written by Pat Aufderheide.

Public TV and Documentarians at Silverdocs 
Posted by Patricia Aufderheide on June 21, 2012

At this year’s Silverdocs film festival, the largest documentary festival in the nation, public television had a central role. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting was the lead sponsor, and on a panel I had the pleasure of moderating, PBS had some good news for independent documentarians: It’s showcasing indie work like never before.

PBS announced its new lineup, which puts Independent Lens and POV—the two pubtv series that feature point-of-view, authorial indie work—in a great spot on Monday nights after the popular Antiques Road Show and its reality-show spinoff, Market Wars. (Did you know PBS had a “collectibles night”? That’s the night that indies are moving into, according to PBS’ Donald Thoms.) Kartemquin’s Tim Horsburgh explained that PBS made the move after indies wrote a letter—signed by a thousand people—protesting a move that had dropped the shows from PBS’ main schedule. Thoms pointed out that discussions were already underway. Read more

Silverdocs’ Hottest Topics: Are Filmmakers Journalists? Can Filmmakers Help Themselves?
Posted by
Patricia Aufderheide on June 21, 2012

AJ Schnack sure knows how to stir up trouble.  His panel, “Hot Topics,”at Silverdocs, became one of the most talked-about at the fest for pushing the hot button of ethics.

Both audience and panelists (Hot Docs curator Charlotte Cook, producer Daniel Chalfen, film producer Esther Robinson, IDA’s Michael Lumpkin and I) noted a rash of doc-related scandals (harassment of Josh Fox; Joe Berlinger’s failed attempt to keep Crude outtakes away from litigants; Fredrick Gertten’s run-ins with Dole over Bananas!; the federal government’s surveillance of Laura Poitras after The Oath) . Read more

Is This What a Documentary Looks Like? Silverdocs 2012
Posted by Patricia Aufderheide on June 27, 2012

Silverdocs, the largest documentary film festival in the U.S., showcased a striking range of documentaries this year, and of course far more of them than I could ever hope to see.  The styles ranged from highly personal to big-picture essay, from meditative to thriller-paced, from celebrity-focused to featuring the people you usually pay no attention to.  The commonality?  All the ones I saw richly rewarded my attention.

At Work, On Screen
I’m a sucker for films that feature workplaces. The cultures of work, something most of do for most of the day, are a big hole in American movie storytelling.  The challenges of working people at work go untold, mostly, in the movies. (Compare this to TV, where there are plenty of workplace programs, and some of it—think of The Wire, or Six Feet Under, or The Office, which are funny, dramatic and insightful all at once.) 

At Silverdocs, I loved watching Downeast, A. Sabin and David Redmon’s tracking of the reopening of a closed Maine sardine factory as a lobster processing plant. The locals distrust the new Italian owner (not a local), but they love having a job. The owner wins their attention but struggles with the banks.  Betting the Farm tells a similar story of an attempt to set up a milk distributor for Maine’s rural dairy farmers; the film needs a serious haircut, but the bones of the story are great. Drivers Wanted follows a new driver navigating taxi work. Directed by Joshua Z Weinstein and written and edited by Jean Tsien (whose dad was a cab driver), it’s not only a window into the world of the drivers but a commentary on an economy that drives such a wide array of the formerly employed through the front door of the New York taxi business featured in the film. Job creation at the grassroots is full of drama, as well as frustration. Read more


Fair Use Question of the Month: Digitizing & Streaming Videos from a University Library

This was originally posted by Kate Bieze on the Center for Social Media blog.

This month's fair use question comes from an employee in the IT department at  a unversity library who is looking to take advantage of fair use in order to fulfill a professor's request.

Dear Center for Social Media,

I work in the IT department at a university library. A professor at the school is teaching a summer course and wants to assign his students to watch scene from a few videos we have in our library, then write a response to portrayals of gender in those scenes. As this summer course is taught primarily online, the professor has asked that, rather than placing the videos on reserve in the library, copies of the videos be made available to stream. Could this be fair use? What precautions should I take to ensure a strong fair use argument?



-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


The first principle of the
The Code of Best Practices for Academic and Research Libraries states that "it is fair use to make appropriately tailored course-related content available to enrolled students via digital networks". However, you are right to take certain precautions when making this content available digitally in order to demonstrate that you are transforming the source material and are only using as much of the source material as is necessary for the transformative use.
If the course is only for the summer, the material should be made available only for that time, and the material should be made available only to those participating in the course. The amount used depends on the pedagogical need and presumes that the material was not created for those very pedagogical purposes, so if a professor has a strong pedagogical reason to show the entire film, this could qualify as fair use. However, as the professor only wants to show certain scenes from each video, then rather than digitizing the entire video, only the scene required for the assignment should be made available online. And as always, full attribution should be provided for the work. If you, the professor teaching the course, or the professor's students have any questions about fair use, check out some of our other fair use resources on the Center for Social Media's site.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Writer/Director Nora Ephron dies at age 71

Nora Ephron, the writer and director responsible for some of the most charming movies in recent memory, passed away Tuesday at the age of 71 from a bout with leukemia. In her illustrious career, Ephron wroteSilkwood, When Harry Met Sally and My Blue Heaven as well as wrote and directed Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Michael and most recently Julie and Julia.
Excerpted from Slash Film

Nora Ephron's obituary in the LA Times

These titles are available for checkout from the Media Services Home Use Collection:

Silkwood - HU DVD 1647 (Writer)
When Harry Met Sally - HU DVD 4936 (Written by)
Sleepless in Seattle - 7214 (Director, Screenwriter)
Julie and Julia - HU DVD 7096 (Director, Screenwriter)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Breathtaking Examples of Minimal Color and Beautiful Color in Web Design

Minimal Color

See more examples of minimal color in web design as seen on Web Design Ledger.

Beautiful Color

See more examples of beautiful color usage in web design as seen on Web Design Ledger.

Chronological Pulp Fiction Infographic

Digital media designer Noah Daniel Smith designed this cool infographic which illustrates the film in chronological order. View a larger version.
As seen on Slashfilm

You can also check out a high-speed two minute video version below or the regular speed version, which is available from the Media Services Home Use Collection:

Pulp Fiction - HU DVD 1244

Here are a few other Quentin Tarantino films available to AU students, faculty, and staff for 3 day loan from the Media Services Home Use Collection:

Reservoir Dogs - HU DVD 4676
Jackie Brown  - HU DVD 2988
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 - HU DVD 793
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 - HU DVD 794
Death Proof - HU DVD 5202
Inglourious Basterds - HU DVD 7555

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Software Training at the New Media Center

The New Media Center is located on the lower level of the library past the Technology Services desk, next to Media Services. The NMC conducts open workshops on a variety of topics related to multimedia production. These 30 to 60 minute sessions are open to all AU faculty, staff and students with all levels of multimedia production experience. There are usually four or five workshops held each week. There is no fee for these workshops and no RSVP is necessary. Check the NMC calendar for the latest schedule. For more information, contact the NMC staff (202) 885-2560.

There is a wealth of multimedia training resources available online. AU faculty, staff and students have access to thousands of hours of free training Create a personal profile and get started. More information about resources can be found at Multimedia @ AU.

The AFI Discovery Channel Silver Docs Festival has begun!

The 10th Annual AFI Discovery Channel Silver Docs Documentary Festival: June 18-24, 2012
Silverdocs encompasses a seven-day international film festival and five-day concurrent conference that promotes documentary film as a leading art form, supports the work of independent filmmakers and fosters an atmosphere for public dialogue and civic engagement around the issues and ideas explored in the films.

Silverdocs plays host to more than 27,000 attendees from across the globe with a diverse range of films, filmmakers and film subjects representing more than 60 countries.  
Silverdocs takes place in and around downtown Silver Spring, Maryland – just minutes from downtown Washington, DC - at the AFI Silver Theatre, the flagship theatre of the AFI, one of the premier film exhibition spaces in the country, and the top art house cinema in the region.
Silverdocs was created through a unique alliance between AFI and the Discovery Channel, the festival’s Founding Sponsor.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Selected New Home Use Titles in Media Services

Check out these titles that were recently added to the Media Services Home Use Collection!

Being John Malkovich - HU DVD 91*
Black Hawk Down - HU DVD 346*
Psycho - HU DVD 411*
Elephant - HU DVD 790*
Kiss Me Deadly – HU 1058*
The Architecture of Doom - HU DVD 1148*
Glory - HU DVD 1171*
Band of Outsiders - HU DVD 1340*
Days of glory (Indigenes) - HU DVD 2907*
Reservoir Dogs - HU DVD 4676
Avant Garde - HU DVD 7151*
She's the Man - HU DVD 4379
Zoot Suit - HU DVD 4939*
Food, Inc. - HU DVD 6527*
Black Swan - HU DVD 8300*
Brick - HU DVD 2253*
Pride & Prejudice – HU DVD 2350*
La Jet̩e РHU DVD 2949*
Donnie Darko – HU DVD 2173*
Community, Season 1 - HU DVD 10001-10004
Community, Season 2 - HU DVD 10005-10008
King Solomon’s Mines – HU DV 10012
King Solomon’s Mines – HU DVD 10013
Cry, The Beloved Country – HU DVD 10014
Into the Abyss – HU DVD 10018
Buck – HU DVD 10019
Brothers – HU DVD 10020
Dream Girls – HU DVD 10027
Certified Copy - HU DVD 10031
Australia – HU DVD 10033
Dick Tracy – HU DVD 10036
Mid-August Lunch – HU DVD 10037
Sucker Punch – HU DVD 10038Description:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Texture Tuesday: Brought to you by

Designer Paolo Canabarro posts these great textures available for others to download and use in their graphic design and web design projects. Each Tuesday he posts new ones on in a series called Tuesday Total Textures. Check them out!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Local filmmaker discusses his latest project with Kojo Nnamdi

Local filmmaker, Rohit Colin Rao sat down with Kojo Nnamdi this afternoon to discuss his latest film, Ultrasonic. Rohit also shared his experiences creating this film which was all shot, edited, and produced in the DC area. Rohit is the writer, director, and producer of Ultrasonic. He was first inspired to pursue this project, by the accessibility of the Canon Rebel T2i, which he used to shoot the film. He then used his Macbook Pro and Final Cut Pro to edit. See trailer below

Excert from the Kojo website:
Can a decent camera, a laptop and a creative vision really spell success in the movie business? For one Washington, D.C., filmmaker, those elements--plus local talent and $20,000--resulted in "Ultrasonic," the first award-winning feature film created and produced entirely in the District. Kojo joins the filmmaker to discuss his work and how new technology is democratizing the filmmaking process.


The IMDB link: 

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Media Services alum Colin Foster's film project used by!

Media Services recently caught up with another one of our alums, Colin Foster who has written and directed this short film entitled, The Funeral. Not only does this look like a really great film (you can see the trailer and synopsis below), but clips of it were also used in a tutorial created by colorist, Robbie Carman! There are also other crew members involved who are from the New Media Center, Banu Debre and Willow Williamson.

Isaac and Jenny, a comically contentious married couple, struggle with feelings of anger and loss when confronting the death of a family member. Their childish reactions to the event causes problems with their relationship, and sends them spinning toward divorce.

Colin was kind enough to also share a couple production stills (below), not to mention a bit of background about the project. 

Colin Foster:
The film was officially completed this past November after going through the final phases of post production. All the members of our crew were amazing but I was particularly lucky to have Robbie Carman, a very talented colorist and post production guru, work on the film. His contribution was major, and he liked the film so much that he wound up using several clips from it as examples in a tutorial he was working on (I believe it was on color correction in FCP X).

Since then I've been trying my luck on the festival circuit. Nothing has struck yet but I'm still waiting to hear back from a variety of festivals in the states and abroad, so cross your fingers. The film isn't available online at the moment but sometime in the near future I do hope to schedule a DC screening of not only my film, but also of all the films that have been made by my fellow AU filmmakers as well. Date and location TBD but I'll keep you posted.

The Funeral, a new short film written and directed by Colin Foster
 Ariana Almajan as Jenny
Sun King Davis as Isaac 
Ricky Brick as Baby the Cat

Banu Debre

Colin Foster
Nur Debre

Mariana Studart

Susan Foster

Jason Fraley - 1st AD

Mary Ratliff - Script Supervisor

Jon Malis - Director of Photography
Garrett O'Brien - 1st AC

Katie Neff - 2nd AC
Drew Louis - Gaffer

Dave Joyce - Key Grip
Lara Aqel - Dolly Grip

Jeremiah Horan - Grip
Banu Debre - Sound Recordist

Boom Operator - Christopher Richmond

Robin Pohlman - Production Designer
Joshua Cohen - Art Director
Willow Williamson

Banu Debre - Editor 

Mike Estler - Sound Designer
Robbie Carman – Colorist