Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Learning Summit 2012 - March 30th and 31st in the SIS Building

The AU Social Media Club would like you to join them for the second annual Social Learning Summit.

Date: March 30-31, 2012
Location: American University School of International Service

Here are seven reasons why they think you should attend.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Links of Interest

Here are some links we've stumbled upon this week that we think might interest you. Click away, you might learn something cool!

Slashdot asks: How to best record remote video interviews:

Get ready for another season of stiff drinks and sharp suits with a Mad Men Choose Your Own Adventure game: BuzzFeed

Netflix and co. are outpacing physical media... but that's bad news for movie studios: LA Times Blog

The top-rented DVDs of the year aren't what you'd expect: LA Times Blog

Hands-on with the Photoshop CS6 beta: PC World

The first ever film based on a Dickens story has been found -- after 111 years! BuzzFeed

Why were old-timey movie posters so cool? BuzzFeed
"Learn to Code: The Full Beginner's Guide"
Always wanted to learn how to code but not sure how to get started? Lifehacker has four great step-by-step lessons that will teach you the basics: LifeHacker

"Learn the Basics of Photoshop in Under 25 Minutes"

This quick and dirty Photoshop tutorial will have you doing basic photo editing in no time: LifeHacker

"What to Watch"

Unsure what to watch tonight? Check out this great resource for daily tips on what's worth watching on television: i09

"Trumping The Industry with Kickstarter: Women Support Women To Get Movies Made And Seen"

Traditionally, the male dominance at the top of the film industry has meant that few movies are made about women, by women or for women, but Kickstarter, a website where projects are funded by the masses, is making waves. Truly Free Film

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Selected New Documentary Titles in Media Services

Check out these documentaries that were recently added to the Media Services collection.

Half Lives – DVD 9360

Kent State – DVD 9698

Napoleon: The End of a Dictator – DVD 9699

Camp de Thiaroye – DVD 9728

Eleanor Roosevelt – DVD 9729

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela – DVD 9748

Novia Que Te Vea – DVD 9750

Ishi: The Last Yahi – DVD 9752

No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del martin & Phyllis Lyon – DVD 9754

Nuyorican Dream – DVD 9756

Forsaken Cries: The Story of Rwanda – DVD 9757

Style Wars – DVD 9758

Store Wars– DVD 9759

Unfinished Business: The Japanese-American Interment Cases – DVD 9760

Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard: Strange Beliefs – DVD 9768

Bill Moyers Reports: Trading Democracy – DVD 9769

Nuclear Aftershocks – DVD 9773

Living Along the Fenceline – DVD 9774

Jenin, Jenin & Since You Left – DVD 9775

Trinkets & Beads – DVD 9779

War and Peace – DVD 9780

King Gimp – DVD 9790

Hell and Back Again – DVD 9798

Mutantes – DVD 9799

Dot Con – DVD 9780

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Film Screening: The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom - Wednesday, March 28th at 6pm in Wechsler Theater

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom
Wednesday, March 28 from 6 - 7pm in Wechsler Theater

The survivors of the areas hit hardest by the 2011 Japanese tsunami find the courage to rebuild as cherry blossom season begins in this moving film. Critics called The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom, "A stunning visual poem about the ephemeral nature of life and the healing power of Japan's most beloved flower."

This screening is an SOC Week event and brought to you by React to Film, a national organization that hosts film screenings promoting discussion about social issues.
Sponsor: SOC Ambassadors
Contact: Jett Choquette,, 202-885-3616
Excerpted from Today@AU

Movies and Munchies with ATV - Wednesday, March 28th at 7:30pm in Wechsler Theater

Wednesday, March 28 in Wechsler Theater (MGC 315)
7:30pm - 10:00pm

As part of SOC Week, AU ATV is screening Night of the Living Dead in Wechsler Theater. They will also screen some of their latest productions. On top of all that there will be some free food and schwag: AU SOC t-shirts and more. Don't miss it!

For more info, check out the ATV site.

This title is also available in the Media Services Home Use Collection:
Night of the Living Dead - HU DVD 600

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's SOC Week and we're all invited!!

This week is SOC Week which means there are a ton of interesting events happening on campus in celebration of the American University School of Communication.

Check out SOC Week on Facebook
See their website
PDF of the full SOC Week schedule.

There's plenty going on Tuesday, March 27th for SOC Week:

(Be sure to check the full schedule to see all upcoming events)

Brought to you by the SOC Center for Social Media
Tuesday, March 27
Wechsler Theater (MGC 315)
Nick Francis, Co/Writer, Director, Producer of Black Gold ( and When China Met Africa (, will hold a Q&A session. When China Met Africa will screen that evening at Landmark's E Street Cinema, Time: TBA.

These titles are also available in Media Services:

Black Gold - DVD 2245 and Streaming Video

When China met Africa - DVD 9246

Brought to you by the AU Career Center

Tuesday, March 27
5:00-6:30 pm
Butler Conference Room
This workshop will be lead by the AU SOC Career Advisors and will discuss how students can use online platforms to market themselves during the internship/job search.


Brought to you by the SOC Center for Environmental Filmmaking

Tuesday, March 27
Wechsler Theater (MGC 315)
Emmy Award winning filmmaker Kevin Bachar, founder and director of Pangolin Pictures, has made natural history films for all the big networks. In this presentation, he will show a number of fascinating clips to illustrate the major challenges facing wildlife filmmakers in the field.

Screening TONIGHT: "The Witches of Gambaga" Documentary

Monday, March 26 at 8pm
MGC 200
Part of Women's History Month

Sponsor: Women's Resource Center
Contact: Jen Holthaus,, 440-623-9337


Witches of Gambaga Trailer: